Local Subiaco UV protection fashion company Slinky Sleeves turns 11

Local Subiaco company Slinky Sleeves has been a leader in designing and producing easy-to-wear, stylish sun protection products since 2009.

Owner Christine Silbert said the core product has been UV 50+ sleeves which come in a variety of colours, sizes and design features. In short, they work as slip-on sleeves that can be thrown on with short sleeve shirts for arm sun protection. The sleeves are elastic up the top of the arm and anchor to your middle finger or thumb, allowing for freedom of movement for your hands.

The beauty of the sleeve is the ability to pick and choose when you want the coverage, such as when driving – a lot of people don’t realise the potential skin damage you are exposed to via sun rays through your car windows, and the sleeves provide easy, temporary coverage. Plus, there are styles for both adults and children, so you can lead by example and teach the kids to cover up as a preventative measure. With over 1700 people dying of skin cancer each year, this lesson has never been more relevant.

For those looking to avoid sun exposure to wrinkle-prone spots, Slinky Sleeves also has a specially designed face shade to protect either the face or neck, depending on which way you wear it.

Other notable mentions include slip-on, adjustable shrugs, which work as an aerated kimono. Aimed at women living with lymphedema, the slip-on is shaped to cover up the required compression sleeve worn following breast cancer treatment.

Owner Christine Silbert (right).

The story of Slink Sleeves is a bit of a cautionary tale, established over a decade ago after Christine had a skin cancer removed from the back of her hand. Wanting to cover up more to prevent history from repeating itself but also wanting to exude a strong sense of style, Christine went on a hunt for a product to cover up her skin whilst driving. Running into a limited selection of mostly bland beige and white cotton sleeves, Christine decided to design her own, and Slinky Sleeves was born. In the spirit of supporting local, Slinky Sleeves is 100% designed and made in Australia, with local manufacturer Whitman Clothing.

Slinky Sleeves
Online store: www.slinkysleeves.com.au
0407 479 691
[email protected]


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