New gin bar opens in Subiaco – Spirit of Little Things

New Subiaco resident, Spirit of Little Things, is serving urban vibes, local feels, food and plenty of premium gin. The small-batch artisan gin bar opened in September and has quickly become a popular hangout spot for after work and weekend drinks. Starting in 2018 as a side project for friends Tom, Mick and Josh, Spirit of Little Things has successfully transformed into a unique distillery and dining experience.

Not just another gin joint

The building, tucked down a driveway on Subiaco’s Railway Road, began as a humble warehouse. Largely renovated by the men themselves, it has been fully converted into a plant-filled Melbournian-style urban distillery, complete with high ceilings, concrete floors, and mood lighting. It’s worth a visit just to admire the insides of the trendy building. The showpiece is the large and fully functioning 600L Australian-made copper still, which produces the gin.

Meet the makers

An overarching love for gin production, and good reception from their well-stocked gin friends, led Tom, Mick and Josh to expand Spirit of Little Things. Ex-consultant Tom is the “Master Distiller” who loves to “push the boundaries of traditional gin and explore all the possibilities of contemporary Australian styles”. Mick shares an appreciation for gin testing and development, encouraging sustainable and quality operations that will endure for years. Josh’s background in digital marketing allows him to bring innovative thinking and expertise to the team, so the gin is guaranteed to be unique and always evolving.

Gin varieties

What distinguishes Spirit of Little Things gin is its unique and hand-selected flavour profiles. A two-stage maceration process allows tougher botanicals, like juniper and native Australian thyme, and more delicate botanicals, like lemon myrtle and native river mint, to vapourise and infuse separately, achieving maximum flavour. Mainstay flavours include the thyme, strawberry gum and lemon myrtle infused Australian Botanical; the juniper and myrtle infused Australian Dr; and the native botanical oil infused Navy Strength. If the in-person experience isn’t enough, all three varieties are available for purchase on the Spirit of Little Things website. The limited release, seasonal varieties are also a must try, such as the Tempranillo Gin, made from sweet and juicy local Donnybrook grapes.

Enjoy your gin with a plate of local produce. Try some lentils or muhammara with fresh sourdough, courtesy of Cottesloe bakery and café North Street Store, or La Delizia burrata with William’s Bay honey. The small bar also stocks WA’s best wine and beer, so you’ll be set with a food and drink feast.

Further your experience

For those who want to learn more and try their hand at making gin, Spirit of Little Things offers tastings and masterclasses. You’ll get to sample drinks, go behind the scenes, and learn about the distilling process. The private masterclasses will teach you creation techniques and offer tastings of the full range of gins, including the seasonal limited releases. A perfect gift for gin connoisseurs this Christmas.

Visit the Spirit of Little Things website to find out more.

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