Dating Black

Dating Black: a comedy by Yirra Yaakin about dating after 40

Yirra Yaakin presents a funny and energetic story depicting the trials and tribulations of dating and finding love as a mature adult and blackfulla with their latest production, Dating Black. On show at the Subiaco Arts Centre from November 16 – 27, the play explores how we find love and understanding later in life.

Dating Black

The story follows Djinda who has come out of a bad marriage and moved back in with family. Her best friend Hope is also single and ready to mingle. Djinda’s brother is very protective of her and ready to take on anyone that might risk breaking her heart again. Enter Justin, the new man on the scene, but is he too smooth? No one comes without baggage after 30.

Writer Narelle Thorne describes the story as centred around finding love but also drawing a bigger picture of Indigenous culture and survival.

“We’ve survived colonization through love, through humour and reliance and that is the key,” she says.

Enjoy this comedic tale following dating dramas compounded by life as a blackfulla and the threat of being related, even distantly, to anyone that shows an interest.

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