This project is only made possible through the support of our generous sponsors.

The Property Exchange is passionate about everything to do with Subiaco. As well as selling and leasing local homes, they are determined to bring Subiaco back to life in every way. The Property Exchange supports Subi businesses in any way they can, constantly offering up ideas to revitalise the city, and even provide a free tram service for the locals. The team encourage the community to get together and put Subi streets ahead of the rest! Find out more at thepropertyexchange.com.au.

Scoop has been a proud supporter of WA community, arts, events and small business since 1997. The team at Scoop setup and maintain the Streets of Subi website, newsletter, social media and blog content. Scoop also promotes Subiaco businesses and attractions through the Scoop media network, which includes 32,000 subscribers, 27,000 social media followers and 70,000 unique visitors to scoop.com.au

localista is the largest arts, events, travel and lifestyle network in WA, sharing content from 8,700 contributors, with websites visited by more than 5 million users per year. Localista provides the Streets of Subi website with the content, interactive mapping and trail building tools it needs to engage with the local community and promote the best of Subiaco to both locals and visitors to Perth. More details can be found at localista.com.au.