Julia, Niki & Chelsea from the property exchange

The Property Exchange: supporting community in Subiaco since 1997

It’s no surprise that Niki and the team at The Property Exchange are the inaugural sponsors of the Streets of Subi project.

Streets of Subi is the leading directory and community hub for what’s on and things to do in Subiaco and dedicated to making Subiaco Perth’s most liveable urban village and a go-to destination for locals and tourists to Perth.

Niki feels the same way and has a long list of ideas on how things could be done better, or just done at all. Like many self-made entrepreneurs, Niki’s passion is equally matched by her frustration at the bureaucracy that prevents so many initiatives from moving forward.

One of Niki’s great successes is the Subiaco Tram which is hard to miss if you work or live in the Subi area. ‘Ruby’, as she is affectionately called, leaves from Subiaco train station every hour from 9am – 4pm Tuesdays through to Saturdays. It’s hard to miss Ruby as she loops through the streets of Subiaco, Shenton Park and Kings Park.

Looking forward, Niki would like to see retail co-ops where small businesses and artisans can keep their costs down through shared retail spaces and making it easier for local performers and musicians to busk, bringing a more ‘European’ atmosphere to the streets.

As for The Property Exchange, things have come a long way since 1997 when two young female upstarts decided to take on what was then, a totally male dominated residential real estate scene in Subiaco. Known unkindly by some of the then competition as ‘the bitches’, they even created a billboard depicting dogs with the caption ‘we might be a bunch of bitches but as least we are house trained’, which was unfortunately ordered to be taken down by local authorities.

Today, The Property Exchange is the leading boutique real estate agency in the area for residential sales and rentals, offering a ‘full service’ that includes property maintenance and home styling. Niki is passionate about getting people to their next step in their real estate journey and says they go to great lengths to ensure that homes are well-presented and in optimal condition, creating the best possible experience and outcome for both the seller and buyer.

The Property Exchange office is located in what used to be the old Shenton Park picture theatre, which is fitting, as Niki is keen to preserve the soul and character of Subiaco, which comes not just from the energy of the community, but also from the historic structures and buildings that frame it. To this end, Niki says they always opt for restoration over demolition, to ensure that Subi’s heritage homes and buildings are kept standing.

“Not everything is irreplaceable, but we are passionate about protecting what is,” Niki emphasises.

If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in Subi and surrounds, get in touch with Niki and the team.

For more details, visit The Property Exchange’s website here.

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