Only in Subiaco – a COVID-19 killing laundry

The Subiaco laundrette, Lit’l Laundrette, is brilliantly modern with the latest machines, cashless payment and a separate washer and dryer stack for pet linen.

All you pet lovers can bring the paw-marked, muddy sheets and towels and wash them separately from the personal items.

During this COVID time it is also a safety net for customers as the machines meet the Australian Standards of 71 degrees, which after three minutes kills the virus, bed bugs and other nasties.

Super easy to use, the 24 highly rated energy-efficient washers and dryers with rapid cycle times minimise energy and water use.

For some locals, it’s become a regular social event with a chance to slip next door to The Little Pantry café in Nicholson Road for a coffee, breakfast or lunch while the Speed Queens do their thing. Open from from 5am to 11pm every day, for others it’s a chance to slip just a few metres further to the Unicorn small bar and enjoy a wine or two.

Men appear to be the majority users. Seniors find the large load machines handy for bedspreads and heavy washes, and apartment dwellers like the convenience and social aspect.

Owner Anita McSweeney says her aim in setting up the laundrette was to ‘provide whatever makes doing the laundry less painful and more enjoyable’.

“We have a second laundrette in Wembley next to the Hotel, and know there are customers who come weekly and meet up with friends for lunch while the washing is being done. Multi-tasking the best way.”

How much more enjoyable could doing the washing be?

With a strong small business background linking back to her mother, Anita is keen her young daughters Lulu and Macy gain the same experience, which is why she has two laundrettes, one for each of them.

“Operating a laundrette is fairly simple, so in a few years’ time when they are around 10 years old, they can help with the administration tasks. I want them to appreciate what it takes to run a small business.”

The Lit’l Laundrette – Subiaco laundrette
204 Nicholson Road, Subiaco
Mon-Sun, 5am-11pm
(08) 9445 7744

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