New gift store, the Honey Hub and Friends, launches in Hiddlestone Hub

The newest gift store around town has officially launched! The Honey Hub and Friends can be found in Subiaco’s historic Hiddlestone Hub, and is stocking sweet gifts and treats from four local honey producers.

Pop in to replenish your pantry with high-quality products, from raw honeycomb to fluffy creamed honey, or grab a jar of smooth Jarrah honey, produced exclusively in WA. For something a little different, try their unique honey infused with natural and delightful flavours like rose, garlic, chilli or ginger. If you can’t decide, why not sample all of them with a gift pack?

The Honey Hub and Friends also stock ‘active’ Jarrah honey, also known as ‘healing honey.’ Active Jarrah gets its healing reputation due to its low glucose levels and high concentration of bioactive compounds, making it naturally antibacterial. This type of honey is said to have excellent health benefits, and can be used to aid digestion and soothe sore throats. With winter around the corner, you can use this ingredient to brew a restorative honey and lemon tea, or mix it with ginger to help ward off pesky colds.

Not only can honey have amazing effects on the inside, but beeswax, honey and bee venom are the key in ingredient in many luxurious beauty and household products. The Honey Hub and Friends have a range of natural beauty products from chocolate and honey lip balms to handmade, artisan soaps, as well as beeswax candles and sustainable food wrappers.

If you’re trying to avoid any animal products, then there are plenty of other gift options to be found, such as cute baby clothing, bee-themed jewellery, succulent logs and dazzling flower arrangements. Pick up a DIY gift box to create your own customised hampers, with gift wrapping free at the counter upon purchase.

The Honey Hub and Friends
83 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco
Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm


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