Subiaco’s answer to Health Freak: the café serving house-made nut milks and quail eggs

Sitting pretty on the corner of Roberts Road and Station Street is DoctorNuts, a health cafe in Subiaco that lives up to its name.

macadamia nuts and macadamia butter and chocolate almond butter from DoctorNuts cafe

Specialising in brewing their own organic nut milks and butters in-house, the café is dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to brunch classics, which, dare I say, are tastier than their traditional rivals. Notable mentions include the creamy macadamia milk and cashew butter, the latter of which is made from just nuts and monk fruit as a natural sweetener.

a bunch of healthy macadamia nuts and nut cracking machine in DoctorNuts cafe in Subiaco

Driving their love for nuts home, they even have a nut-cracking machine for customers to use. Pop in, crack a couple of macadamias (which have a surprisingly massive shell, by the way) and you’ve got a healthy snack while waiting for your coffee.

the healthy alternative to bacon and eggs: lamb bacon and quail eggs with chilli jam on toast from DoctorNuts cafe in Subiaco

Looking to the menu, you can expect breakfast favourites with a healthy twist. First in line are the fritters, made with zucchini instead of corn, homemade chilli jam, paddock-to-plate turkey and the option for organic quail eggs, straight from the owner’s farm in York. It may seem strange at first glance, but quail eggs contain 30% less fat and more protein than their chicken counterparts, and honestly, we couldn’t taste much difference.

Most cafes serve up 100% Arabica beans, but DoctorNuts swears by its 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta mix,

“Arabica beans are very bitter… Not many people can take that unless they love pure espressos,” said DoctorNuts representative Adelene Chew.

It’s no accident they opened up shop next to a GP. Owner Dr Edward Soloman founded neighbouring Jupiter Medical back in 2011, and after losing both his parents to cancer in recent years, wanted to promote healthy eating as much as possible. Plus, the café provides a healthy spot for lunch or a snack for those waiting for their doctor’s appointment.

the coffee machine and counter with healthy food items at DoctorNuts cafe in Subiaco

DoctorNuts opened up in December 2020, taking over from the spot left vacant by Lilac Cafe back in 2019.

DoctorNuts – Health cafe in Subiaco
400 Roberts Road, Subiaco
(08) 6389 6868


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