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Find your zen at this free, week-long meditation class from Sri Chinmoy Centre

The Sri Chinmoy Centre hosts regular meditation classes in Perth and to kick off 2021, special guest Prachar Stegemann will be running a weeklong string of meditation intensives from February 15-20 at the Palms Community Centre in Subiaco.

Sri Chinmoy in a robe meditation on a tree

Sri Chinmoy

Named after the meditation guru Sri Chinmoy, the centre is a worldwide organisation providing free meditation, art, music, theatre and poetry classes in an effort to give back and bring more harmony into the world. Sri Chinmoy himself taught every teacher himself, and now his centre runs meditation classes in Perth and virtually every country in the world.

Prachar Stegemann, who will run the Sri Chinmoy class, one of the free meditation classes in Perth

Prachar Stegemann

Class leader Prachar Stegemann has spent over 30 years as a student of Sri Chinmoy. Using Sri Chinmoy’s teachings as a foundation, he designed his own meditation classes and has travelled internationally in over 30 countries, reaching thousands of people. A trained concert pianist, music will be strongly incorporated within Stegemann’s meditation practice. Participants are likely to witness Stegemann chanting, singing and utilising sound within the lessons to enhance the experience.

The classes are designed to follow on from each other and will address different topics that interrelate, beginning with Peace and followed by Love, Light, Fulfilment and Life. The classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will run for one and a half hours in the evening and the final class on Sunday will run for five hours. Although it isn’t necessary to attend every class, it is suggested that going to at least one other before the final class would help make the most out of the series.

a group of people all sitting and meditating separately on a hill overlooking the water as the sun sets

A Sri Chinmoy meditation class in the U.K.

These classes are created to accommodate anyone interested in mindfulness, hosted over multiple sessions to suit those with busy schedules. More meditation classes are to follow over 2021, for those who are unable to make it this time.

To get involved with Meditation for Life, register on their website and choose which classes you would like to attend.


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