Chill out at Subiaco’s only cryotherapy spa, The Polar Room

Enjoy an arctic escape in your own city with a trip to The Polar Room in Subiaco.

Located on Bagot Road, The Polar Room is Subiaco’s only cryotherapy spa, specialising in treatments that harness sub-zero temperatures to reinvigorate and heal the body.

Targeting your core and lower body, cryotherapy activates our body’s ‘survival mode,’ encouraging the production of healing hormones and endorphins, increasing blood flow, and encouraging faster cell regeneration.

Whether you are seeking to give your skin-brightening boost or looking to treat strained muscle injuries, the friendly staff at The Polar Room have you covered. Upon arrival, guests are provided with a cozy pair of socks, slippers, mittens and fluffy robe, before entering the ‘cryosauna’. Reminiscent of an igloo, the roomy saunas give you plenty of space to breathe with their open-top design.

Refreshing immersive treatments in the cryosauna last between 1 to 3 minutes as the expert therapists showers you with wintery blasts of nitrogen gas. For targeted treatments, sign up for one of their glacial facials, which help to stimulate blood flow, encourage wrinkle-preventing collagen production and cell repair, and reduce puffiness.

The Polar Room offer Happy Hour treatments between 6pm and 7pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, alongside a myriad of other relaxing facials and infra-red sauna treatments.

The Polar Room
210 Bagot Road, Subiaco
0409 068 209

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