Where to get reusable face masks in Subiaco

We might be out of full lockdown, but until 12.01am Saturday, May 1 we are still required to wear masks whenever we leave the house, bar vigorous exercise. If you’re almost at the end of your disposable masks, it might be a good time to grab a reusable one. Here are a few spots selling reusable face masks in Subiaco.


Pedal Mafia

Cycle shop Pedal Mafia acted quick when the lockdown hit, selling face masks usually used for cyclists to the general public for $10 a pop. The masks are 2 ply, plain black and reusable, and can be purchased in-store or ordered online. As one of the most popular spots to grab reusable face masks in Subiaco, they have currently sold out of stock, but are due to get a new batch in on Tuesday, Feb 9.

St Francis Pharmacy

Located across from Woolworths on Station Street, St Francis Pharmacy sells reusable face masks, including some small enough for children. Their masks have slits to add in a filter if you wish, and with each purchase you will receive three bonus filters.

Onslow Road Pharmacy

If you’re down Shenton Park way, Onslow Road Pharmacy has ample stock of reusable face masks with funky prints in-store. The pharmacy is located in the Onslow Road shopping precinct and sell masks for $10 each.

Chemist Warehouse

Situated on Rokeby Road, Chemist Warehouse sells 5-packs of plain black face masks. The masks are made up of three layers of cotton, and go for $30 per pack. Order them via click-and-collect, get them delivered, or simply head in store to grab one.

Local online stores

The Tonbo

If you’re wanting to support small, local businesses, The Tonbo hand-make reversible and reusable face masks. Masks come in three different sizes, or if you don’t fit the standard sizes, designer (and Perth local) Gregory Loton can customise it for you. Available styles include a retro comic book design, denim, florals and of course, block colours. Masks are $20 each plus delivery and can be ordered online.

Face Mask Up

Mask Up is a local boutique store selling handmade face masks with ribbon-like straps that are adjustable for all different face sizes. Made with environmentally-friendly cotton or calico, the masks have a more rustic look about them, almost resembling linen. Masks go for $25 each, or you can grab a ‘team pack’ of five for $99.99, and are available at their online store.

Make Your Own Mask

If you’re really desperate (or keen to reuse materials you already have at home), it is possible to make your own face mask. Masks with three layers including two inner cotton layers and an outer layer of polypropylene are the safest to use. For a more information, see the reusable face mask guide here.

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