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Try out walking netball, an easy-on-the-knees quirky take on the classic team sport

Welcome Back Netball is offering walking netball, a new, more approachable version of the typically fast-paced team sport.

Want to know what Walking Netball looks like??

We play on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings – if you live in Perth or Busselton WA, contact us if you'd like to try it out

Posted by Welcome Back Netball on Sunday, 23 June 2019

As the name suggests, the difference between Walking Netball and the classic version is that players are only allowed to walk on the court. You can power-walk as fast as you can, but you must keep one foot on the ground at all times, lest you face the wrath of the umpire’s whistle. Yes, that rules out jumping too!

Organised by sister team Erica and Angela, Walking Netball is especially popular with 40-50-year-olds and ex-netballers with injuries who want to get back into the game. However, anyone is welcome, and they have even had a Mum in her 50s bring along her two daughters in their 20s to join the team.

Generally, it takes about three games for people to wrap their head around the idea of only walking, as our instinct to jump for the ball is so high. Erica told us that when spreading the word about walking netball, she is usually met with a laugh, but once people come down and try it, they find that the quirky aspect is what makes it so fun.

“It’s one of the only sports where people are actually laughing while they’re doing it.”

The games are $15 each for an hour session and work on a drop-in basis, so all you need to do to get involved is send their Facebook page a message letting them know which game you’d like to pop down to. If enough players are interested, they can open up a second court, so no one has to miss out.

Welcome Back Netball
Every Tuesday, 5.45pm
Gold Netball Centre
200 Selby St, Jolimont
0401 403 385


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