The Corner Store’s boutique ‘shopette’, offering locally-made dog puffer jackets & more

Dubbed the ‘shopette’, Subiaco’s The Corner Store have expanded into the world of boutique retail, opening their new space with exclusively locally made giftware.

An idea blossoming from the pandemic, local café The Corner Store have decided to take supporting local into their own hands by creating a mini-marketplace in the back of their store. As the space sat dormant for the period that was take-away only, owners Hamish and Connie thought they could use the space to showcase niche brands of Subiaco and create a fun, coffee shopping hybrid experience for punters.

corner store shopette subiaco

Perhaps the cutest items at the shopette are the teddy bears handmade by a local Nana. With proceeds from each teddy sold being donated to Shenton Park’s Dog Refuge, the bears were a crowd favourite. Sadly, this means they are currently sold out, but we holding out for them to make a reappearance!

One of several notable local brands at the shopette includes crystal glassware and china teacups from Hay Street’s Petticoat Lane. All hand-crafted, antique pieces, the glassware is made to last decades, as opposed to the often cheaply made, machine-done glassware of modern day.

Rounding out the line-up is pet accessories from Mog & Bone. Think dog puffer jackets, hoodies, bandanas, and matching blankets for you and your pooch. In the battle of pet brands, Mog & Bone is likened to couture for dogs, or as Hamish told us,

“It’s like Gucci for dogs.”

Determined to create a culture of “buying well”, Hamish told us that the products at the shopette must be of the highest quality, which means you might pay a little more, but you’ll always get a product that’ll last you far beyond any ‘fast fashion’ purchase.

Adding to the community vibe, The Corner Store has a communal herb garden on the verge of their shop front, offering chilli, mint and other herbs free of charge. In a wholesome give-and-take, co-owner Hamish told us that locals often bring back the herbed goods they’ve made to give them a little taste.

The shopette will host an official launch party in the Spring – keep an eye out on Streets of Subi for the latest updates!

Shopette at The Corner Store
333 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Mon-Fri, 6am-4pm & Sat-Sun, 7am-4pm


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