Don’t miss the silent auction by Subiartco from the live-painting art trail, proceeds going to Headspace

Subiartco Galleries are currently auctioning six incredible paintings from their Moments of Joy event, an initiative where local Perth artists gathered on the streets of Subi to live-paint their representations of ‘joy’. All proceeds from the artwork will go to Headspace to support 12 to 25 year-olds in need of mental and emotional support from the after effects of COVID-19.

Joyful by Narelle Manser-Smith

Moments of Joy was an initiative by the City of Subiaco in order to bring light, colour and the human aspect back to the Subi streets. Subiartco artists gathered between the train station and their gallery on Sheen St, creating a live painting trail. These amazing pieces will be silently auctioned at Subiartco until August 31, and to make it easier, you can bid online. Check out the pieces and bidding form here.

Life Matters by Gabriela Himstedt

The artists painted anything that made them feel joyous, as can be seen with Joyful by Narelle Manser-Smith, which depicts happiness through its rainbow design, as well as Life Matters by Gabriela Himstedt.


Narelle from Subiartco said the gallery chose Headspace as their charity because they wanted to give back to young people. They believe our youth have been heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and struggle with feelings of missing out on their youth.

“We’re all in this weird world at the moment, so we just thought, how can we give back?”

These gorgeous art pieces are available for viewing at the gallery on Sheen Street, along with the other works of the seven resident artists, including six painters and one photographer.

Subiartco Galleries
67/12 Sheen Street, Subiaco
0430 208 720
Open Thursday – Saturday 11am to 2pm (Appointments are also available)
Check out their Facebook and website


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