Nude life drawing art sessions on Wednesday evening in Subiaco

For those keen to spice up their weeknights, try out the nude life drawing classes at The Corner Gallery in Subiaco.

Now on every Wednesday evening, each class hosts no more than 30 people, creating an intimate and calming space for participants to sketch to their hearts content. Each class lasts around two hours, with models holding their poses for between one and twenty minutes. The longer poses allow the experienced artists to create a masterpiece, and gives the gumbies a bit more time to perfect their stick figures. All the models have 5 – 10 years’ experience and model full-time, so you can expect tasteful poses.

nude life drawing

Organised by Alex and Sarah from neighbouring Two Six Five Studios, the nude life drawing sessions have a culture of inclusivity, accepting artists of all levels with no judgement, Alex told us,

“It’s a very welcoming environment, people can come in and not consider themselves a creative person and still feel comfortable. All egos are dropped as soon as you walk in.”

In terms of the regular punters, Alex told us there’s a real variety, from artists who have done international work or those who turn to art for a therapeutic benefit and of course, those who are just curious to try their hand at drawing.

nude life drawing

On the inspiration for starting Evenings of Life Drawing, Alex told us, “Sarah had come back from Melbourne where she had gone to many nude life drawing nights, and she noticed there was a lack of classes here in Perth, so she decided to start her own.”

Evenings of Life Drawing sessions almost always sell out days prior, so it’s best to book ahead. Get tickets here.

Evenings of Life Drawing at the Corner Gallery
7pm every Wednesday
263 Hay Street, Subiaco


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