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Sweet treats for kids from Subiaco’s top dessert bars

There are four excellent schools in the City of Subiaco making it a magnet for families and kids, which is why the centre of Subiaco has such a wide range of sweet treats: ice cream shops, chocolateries and frozen yogurt. Everyone has their favourites but here are some of the best.

Whisk Creamery

A particularly instagrammable spot, Whisk Creamery’s showstopper is the Taiyaki cone, a unique fish shaped waffle cone filled with yummy gelato. The Mermaid and Unicorn Taiyaki are pretty spectacular. Plus, they do Taiyaki Tuesday most of the year, where you can buy one and get the second one free.

If you’re feeling indulgent, you could try one of their cronuts, available as sandwiches filled with gelato, or as an accompaniment to their gourmet milkshakes. Their Cronutella is a crowd favourite; a hazelnut and chocolate milkshake served with Nutella and a homemade cronut on top.

For something a little easier to share, 500ml gelato tubs with the option of pick-up or home delivery are available. Made fresh daily and with new weekly flavours, try delicious flavours such as peanut butter and cookie pie, red velvet cake, raspberry cheesecake and Tim Tam.

Whisk Creamery
151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
Sunday-Thursday, 12-9pm & Friday-Saturday 12-9.30pm
6162 2948


Little Cultures

Little Cultures opened as Perth’s first superfood and dessert café and the original focus, as their name suggests, was on their own fresh yoghurt, which is still popular in their yolatos (frozen yoghurt) and decorated yoghurt bowls.

The repertoire now includes a much wider range of superfoods and desserts, such as smoothie bowls, waffles, gelato and cold pressed juice. Their Signature Waffles are all made from scratch with popular combinations such as Popcorn Cookie Party and Nutty-Nana. 

While the kids might be drawn towards the many sweet treats, their acai and smoothie bowls look equally as inviting, topped with granola, fruit and shredded coconut.

Little Cultures
51 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
0402 911 686
Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm & Sat-Sun, 10am-4pm

Verde Brio

Design your own sweet treat with Italian frozen yogurt from Verde Brio, with over 30 toppings to spice up your fro-yo. Choose from pomegranate, caramel crunch and cookies and cream sprinkles, just to name a few. Plus, creating your own fro-yo combination adds another fun element for the kids.

Although they source their milk locally, they do import their yoghurt cultures from Italy, keeping to a European style of yoghurt.

Verde Brio pride themselves on being natural with no added sugars, providing a lighter alternative to ice-cream. Apart from fro-yo, they serve waffles, smoothie spiders (sparkling fruit juice topped with frozen yoghurt) and hot beverages.

Verde Brio
162 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
0413 044 121
Mon-Sun, 11am-6pm

San Churro

It’s hard to go past San Churro when attempting to satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner. Plates of churros come in different sizes, so you can choose to share, have a plate for one, or order a kids’ size for the little ones. The dips come in many flavours, with caramel, chocolate and peanut butter always going down a treat. 

Although they are known for their churros (a fried dough pastry covered in cinnamon sugar, in case you’ve never had one!) they also serve delectable hot chocolates, ice-cream and chocolate milkshakes. You could try a snack pack, which has a combination of mini churros, doughnut balls, chocolate and other yummy treats.

Many of their desserts came in kids sizes, so there is no need to worry you will be over-ordering for the little ones.

San Churro
1 Rokeby Road, Subiaco
9388 2288
Mon-Sun, 5-10pm

Baskin Robbins

This popular ice-cream chain has a store in Subiaco Village, offering many delicious flavours. They also make custom ice-cream cakes, perfect for an upcoming birthday. Alternately, for a yummy dessert at home, you could try one of their takeaway Polar Pizzas. The sweet pizza has a cookie dough base, is filled with any flavour of ice-cream and is topped with marshmallows, choc chips and a choice of sweet sauce.

Baskin Robbins
4 Subiaco Village Shopping Centre, 531 Hay St, Subiaco
9381 3100
Sun-Thurs, 12-9pm & Fri-Sat, 12-10pm


Sweet Treats of Subi

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