Cat Haven celebrates Wet Nose Day with fete and open day this Sunday

Cat Haven’s biggest fundraiser, ‘Wet Nose Day’ is on this weekend, with a variety of stalls and the opportunity to play and cuddle with kittens, all contributing towards their new Emergency Cat Boarding Facility.

Running Sunday Nov 8 from 10am to 3pm, the event incorporates both an Open Day and a Fete, allowing people to shop the market stalls as well as view the cats and kittens up for adoption. There are a wide variety of stalls on offer including plants, craft, pre-loved clothing, face painting, cat-themed products for cats and cat-lovers alike, baked goods, and a classic sausage sizzle with vegan options available. They’re even offering the opportunity to pay to play and cuddle with the kittens at the shelter, with all the proceeds contributing to the fundraising efforts.

In particular fundraising focus for this year is the expansion of the Emergency Cat Boarding Facility. It is a place where cat owners in difficult situations, such as escaping domestic violence, sudden homelessness or hospitalisation can board their pets for weeks or months at a time, to ensure their animal companion is well looked after while the owner cannot do so themselves. The Boarding Facility is there to ensure people don’t have to surrender their cat over temporary hardship, especially since it can feel like giving up a family member. Owners are able to visit their cats in the Boarding Facility, and it is set up in a very calm and quiet area with a staff member there all day to keep the cats company. There is currently no funding at all for the Emergency Cat Boarding Facility, and so all proceeds from Wet Nose Day will go towards supporting and maintaining this facility.

Wet Nose Day has been a staple of the Cat Haven calendar for decades, and although it didn’t run last year, it is back by popular demand. The shelter was recently named the Outstanding Animal Shelter of the year in the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards, which exemplifies the level of care any cat at the Haven receives. The open day allows people to come and see how the cats are looked after for themselves, as well as the opportunity to adopt a new feline friend on the day.

Adoption numbers overall have been going well since the lockdown period, when people were feeling particularly isolated and in need of a companion. Thankfully, these cats haven’t been returned to the shelter since lockdown ended, which the Cat Haven says is down to their screening and interview processes, which makes sure potential owners are responsible and understand the amount of care required, including special care for Moggies with particular health issues. A recent moggie at the shelter was Boof Simon, a 12-year-old grey tabby with one eye and three legs. Boof Simon was adopted all the same, as his new owner fell in love, imperfections and all.

Wet Nose Day is this Sunday Dec 8, 10am – 3pm at The Cat Haven, 23 Lemnos St, Shenton Park, with entry via Gold Coin Donation.

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