Pop-up gallery & gift store opens on 83 Rokeby Road

Open from Dec 10-22, the temporary space will be home to entirely local and bespoke art, ceramics, vintage glassware, designer cushions, jewellery, handmade candles, baskets, cards, decorative wrapping, Christmas treasures and treats. The space is owned by the Hiddlestone family, who have generously offered it up free of charge for the greater good of the high street.

Simply called 83 Rokeby Road Gallery & Gift Pop-up, the store is an open-plan design and is set out more like a gallery, although it is completely ‘shoppable’. The vibe is very much like a makers market, with mass-produced goods nowhere in sight.

Out the back of the store is what shop coordinator and artist Jennifer Gaye calls ‘the pantry’ as it is filled with edible goodies, from local coffee beans and tea to grain free granola. If any particular brand takes your fancy, you can find their business card displayed to the right as you walk into the store.

In line with the theme of championing local artists and producers, the shop window will be an artwork in itself, displaying graduate collections from local fashion students, an arbour from Harbour + Style and lighting from none other than Hiddlestone Electrics. Fashion collections have been contributed by recent graduates Lani Pham from South Metro TAFE, Hannah Altinier from North Metro TAFE, Fleicia Chang from Curtin University and Alex Rogers from ECU and will change over every three to four days.

83 Rokeby Road Gallery & Gift Pop-up will be open from 10am-4.30pm on Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat, 10am-6pm on Thurs & 11am-4pm on Sun.


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