Editorial Charter

Listings Policy

Listings are free to all businesses, community groups and event operators. Approval requires listing content quality meets the same requirements set by Scoop for all listings on the Scoop media network, which showcases more than 11,000 events, business, attractions and community listings each year (see scoop.com.au)

Listings that appear on this website are part of the Scoop media network and will appear on up to 30+ websites across WA, including scoop.com.au.

  • Listing are free and can be added and maintained by registering online (register).
  • To reclaim an existing listing, email us at [email protected].


Articles Policy

All commercial and community operators and residents are invited to submit article ideas and information by emailing [email protected]. The following policy applies:

  • All ideas will be reviewed by the Content Team at Scoop in line with the criteria outlined below, which will be used to determine the selection and style of editorial to be included.
  • While all stakeholders have equal opportunity to present their ideas, this does not mean all stakeholders will receive equal coverage.
  • Ideas not considered suitable will not be published on the website, but may be considered for social media.

It must be accurate, informative and actionable, otherwise users will not engage.

Criteria for inclusion

Articles must provide a style & quality of content, of value to the target audience, unavailable from other media or the existing website.

  • Must be accurate, informative and/or actionable.
  • Must provide value over and above what is already provided by the listings.
  • Must provide a unique or otherwise unknown insight to the target audience.
  • Must be in line with the brand and core value proposition of the Streets of Subiaco.
  • Preference will be given to unique content most likely to attract new people to Subiaco.

Business and store profiles will be avoided as they present as advertorial and replicate what is in the listing. However, unique products or services provided by individual and collections of stores will be considered e.g. Where to find Pho; Cafes & patisseries open early.


The primary audience are residents and workers in the City of Subiaco. The secondary audience include residents from surrounding suburbs and business and leisure travellers to Perth.

We should assume the audience is educated, informed and affluent, including families and individuals aged 25 years and older looking for value and experience over discount.

Subiaco vision statement

The City of Subiaco is one of Perth’s most beautiful and interesting suburbs, a leafy, sophisticated walking city full of heritage buildings, galleries & museums, boutique shopping, alfresco restaurants, cafes, small bars and niche providores, gourmet delis, patisseries and ice-creameries.

With easy parking and located on the rail line next to Kings Park between the City and the beach, it is one of the most convenient locations in Perth. The City is blessed with an abundance of commercial and free community facilities, parks & lakes, gyms, tennis and basketball courts, major hospitals, health & beauty services and so much more, making it one of the most liveable Cities in Perth.

It is no wonder Subiaco is once again flourishing and has again become the go-to destination for locals and visitors to Perth for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days per week.

Examples of suitable content

  • Best picnic spots around Subiaco.
  • Subiaco celebrates 50+ alfresco bars, cafes & restaurants
  • Welcome to Perth’s home of 100+ hair & beauty salons
  • Australia’s first Baby Day Spa is in Subiaco
  • Subiaco gallery & museum trails – do all 15 in one day!
  • Early morning bread run – choose from 10+ local bakers in Subiaco
  • 10 top paddock to plate providores in Subiaco
  • Olive oil tastings and farmer-direct store at Subiaco train station
  • Private dining room for hire in Subiaco
  • BYO Tuesdays at Subiaco’s top restaurants
  • Who’s open for late night mid-week eats & drinks in Subiaco
  • Early morning cafes & patisseries open early in Subiaco
  • Perth’s longest running Cigar club & lounge still going h3 in Subiaco.
  • Yirra Yaakin new season launch
  • WA’s only vegan grocery store